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For Immediate Release | August 2011


“Monet: The Master Jewelers”

 New book to reveal Monet Jewelers “behind the scenes”

The first and only book to date that uncovers the true facts behind Monet Jewelers, one of the most successful and enduring company’s in the world. From its modest initial beginnings to its long reign as General Mills “jewel in the crown” it is a company that is as timeless as the jewelry it created.


monet the bookNew York, NY. — Monet-The Masters Jewelers, is a long overdue look at the history behind one of the most enduring companies in the world of costume jewelry.  Little known facts about the company and the people behind it, as well as many of the misconceptions about its origins and early years will finally be revealed.  According to the author “Monet jewelry was once worn by women all over the world and is still a popular brand name today, yet very little information has ever been available about the company, its founders, designers or even its jewelry”.

Significantly the book is based on interviews with the people who know the most about Monet; former employees, some of which were with the company from its earliest years, as well as close  relatives of Michael and Joseph Chernow the original company founders. Long lost interviews with the Chernow brothers themselves also provided many of the missing details.

Filled with vintage newspaper and magazine advertisements, never before seen company and family photos, as well as rare memorabilia from the early Monocraft/Monet days the book is a visual celebration of the artistry that was and continues to be Monet.  For more information about Monet – The Master Jewelers log on to

Alice Vega the author, whose interests include history, preservation, and the arts, believes that the link between fashion, jewelry, and its history provides a fascinating insight into our cultural heritage. Alice lives and works in New York City. Terry Niefield is a freelance advertising photographer specializing in still life photography. Terry also lives and works inNew York City.

Alice’s book can be purchased through the publisher at or your local bookseller.


Monet – The Master Jewelers

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Price:  $59.99

Pages:  288

Illustrations:  600 black/white and color photographs


ISBN# 978-0 7643-3722-2


Advertisement dated 1947.

By the mid to late 1940s Monet had started to produce bracelets with a large single charm, a popular fashion trend at the time. The bracelets shown here were priced from $3-$10.


Welcome…to my blog on Monet Jewelers!

After nearly four years of research I accumulated a lot of information about Monet Jewelers. All of it of course is in my book Monet the Master Jewelers. There were however, tidbits here and there, as well as a great deal of old advertisements and old pictures that just couldn’t be included in the book.  With 6oo photos already in the book, adding more would have really taken it over the top.  So, many of those extra photos as well as some “fun facts” will be frequently posted here for all Monet fans to enjoy.

Researching this book was a lot of fun for me; I had the opportunity of meeting so many interesting people, and a lot of former “Monettes”. The one thing that truly stands out for me about all those interviews and long conversations was how much people really LOVED  talking about Monet, you could hear in their voices and just see it on their faces,…it must have been an amazing company to be a part of.

I look forward to your comments or any special “Monet Moments” you may want to share with all of us, so feel free to write or friend us on facebook…and of course enjoy the book! 

Alice Vega - 2011


monet jewelry


The long anticipated book on the history of Monet costume jewelry, Monet…the Master Jewelers is now  available for ordering through

In this the first and only book to date on this hugely successful and enduring company, all of the facts and “behind the scenes” stories are based on interviews with family members, friends and former employees as well as long lost interviews with the Chernow brothers themselves.

Filled with 600 photographs and lots of vintage newspaper and magazine advertisements this book is a real “must have” for anyone who loves vintage jewelry.



About the Author

Alice Vega is a freelance fashion and graphic designer living in New York City. As a member of Costume Jewelry Collectors International and the Society of Jewelry Historians she has combined her long standing interest in collecting vintage jewelry with her passion for history, preservation and the arts in this her first book.


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