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1930s Art Deco Pin

Love this pin, it’s  soooo very Art Deco.  None of the sketches are dated so my guess is this must be from the early to mid 30s–it’s beautiful!

1936 Bracelet Patent & Original Sketch

Monocraft did a number of different initial bracelets starting in late 1935 and into 1936. My guess is the Chernows may have been taking small steps towards entering the jewelry business. They were both notorious for  thinking things over for long periods of time before taking that final step. The patent for an initial bracelet is from 1936, while the sketch  by Mario “Granny” Granville is  for a bracelet similar to the one in the patent but with different style intials.

1930s – Edmond Granville Sketches

One of the things I recieved while writing the book was a whole “stack” of pencil sketches all bound up together in a manila folder! Many of them were sketched on interoffice memo paper, others were carefully sketched on vellum paper and some were just doddles on hard bristol board……..and of course NONE of them were dated, well of course not, why would they be!!!  Yet some of them I was lucky enough to find in some old newspaper ads, others I found in an old Monocraft catalogue from the 30s, so the dates on some were easy enough to find. There were so many it was impossible to fit them all in the book so I’ll  be posting some here. These were all sketched by Edmond Granville, Monets’ only designer from 1934 to 1959! The Scottie pin is probably from the mid 30s while the bracelet we know to be from 1935-36. The  bracelet shown is a click it bracelet . The sketches are old and a bit fragile so they may not all be too clear.


1990s – The Claret Series

Shown here from the 1990s is the Claret series – both jewelry and photo are courtesy of Irene Kramer – one of the biggest Monet fan I know!

If anyone has any further information on this series we would both love to know!

1952- The Carnelia Necklace

This is one of my favorite necklaces from the 50s. It’s from the Carnelia series of 1952, and you can find the long pendant necklace and the matching earrings in silver on P.153 of the book.

There is also a rather iconic Monet ad from this time of a small black poodle (also in the book) wearing all of his jewelry at once! One of the earrings he wears are the Carnelia earrings. Now if I could only find the bracelet!!!!!!!!!!!

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