1939- This great necklace is a recent purchase. The original ad for this and all the other pieces in this  series can be found on P.85 of Monet- Master Jewelers.

  • Linda says:

    LOVE THE BOOK , My Dad was One of the designers featured “Roy” Can not thank Alice Vega enough for all her hard work and unrelentless work on pulling this together.

    Also, for all the other people that helped her including model maker Joey Fiorito and Elda ,
    Alice You make my DAD proud…too bad neither he or my mom are around to see this . But I will never forget them.

    All the best and I will always help you. The book is awesome, and I have so much of the jewelry feaured.


    • Alice says:

      Linda thanks so much –Your father was an amazing illustrator his work deserves to be seen ! What a pleasure to see so many wonderful designs

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Alice Vega is a freelance fashion and graphic designer living in New York City. As a member of Costume Jewelry Collectors International and the Society of Jewelry Historians she has combined her long standing interest in collecting vintage jewelry with her passion for history, preservation and the arts in this her first book.


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