One of the items I was able to use for the book was a copy of Monets 1st Fashion Trend Report in 1937, the year the Monet Jewelers debuted. It was a great find ! The booklet was simply a binder with colored ( pink and mint) pages stapled together! It was filled with allthe latest Paris fashion show news  and the latest jewelry  and accesories shown with the new clothes. As a designer I loved reading it … too bad  more of these had not survived!

Monet designer Mario Granville frequently travelled to and followed Paris fashion very closely. The jewelry he  presented every season was heavily influenced by what was going on in Paris, much as designers still do today.  Yesterday like today, designers recieved their information not just from Paris but from so many other sources that were popular at the time and influenced fashion jewelry. Fashion editors from major magazines, Hollywood, and of course buyers input on what was selling at store level were all valubale sources of information and taken into consideration when planning the seasons newest looks.

The actual  trend book and additional pages are all shown in the  book.

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Alice Vega is a freelance fashion and graphic designer living in New York City. As a member of Costume Jewelry Collectors International and the Society of Jewelry Historians she has combined her long standing interest in collecting vintage jewelry with her passion for history, preservation and the arts in this her first book.


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