1990s – The Claret Series

Shown here from the 1990s is the Claret series – both jewelry and photo are courtesy of Irene Kramer – one of the biggest Monet fan I know!

If anyone has any further information on this series we would both love to know!

1952- The Carnelia Necklace

This is one of my favorite necklaces from the 50s. It’s from the Carnelia series of 1952, and you can find the long pendant necklace and the matching earrings in silver on P.153 of the book.

There is also a rather iconic Monet ad from this time of a small black poodle (also in the book) wearing all of his jewelry at once! One of the earrings he wears are the Carnelia earrings. Now if I could only find the bracelet!!!!!!!!!!!

1957 – TETE A TETE

From 1957  here is the actual Tete a Tete necklace shown with the original ad-the bracelet shown in the ad is amazing!



In the 80s the YSL showroom was robbed in broad daylight- the culprits made off with all the jewelry which was never recovered.

The very first factory M&J used was a run down tenement building they bought for almost nothing. They used it until they had enough money to purchase their first real factory in downtown Providence some years later.

During the depresion with money scarce, M&J  could not meet payroll one week, so they went grocery shopping,  coming back with bags of food for each employee so they could at least feed their families that week!





1939- This great necklace is a recent purchase. The original ad for this and all the other pieces in this  series can be found on P.85 of Monet- Master Jewelers.

Monet Mat Page

There were many advertisements and mat page photos that just could not be included in the book. From time to time I will include them in this blog as a reference for all Monet collectors out there.

Bracelet Advertisement 1953

Monet was the only company of its kind to make all of their own tools. Not only did they make all of this incredible jewlery in their won factories, they also made the tools used to make the jewelry!



Advertisement dated 1947.

By the mid to late 1940s Monet had started to produce bracelets with a large single charm, a popular fashion trend at the time. The bracelets shown here were priced from $3-$10.


Welcome…to my blog on Monet Jewelers!

After nearly four years of research I accumulated a lot of information about Monet Jewelers. All of it of course is in my book Monet the Master Jewelers. There were however, tidbits here and there, as well as a great deal of old advertisements and old pictures that just couldn’t be included in the book.  With 6oo photos already in the book, adding more would have really taken it over the top.  So, many of those extra photos as well as some “fun facts” will be frequently posted here for all Monet fans to enjoy.

Researching this book was a lot of fun for me; I had the opportunity of meeting so many interesting people, and a lot of former “Monettes”. The one thing that truly stands out for me about all those interviews and long conversations was how much people really LOVED  talking about Monet, you could hear in their voices and just see it on their faces,…it must have been an amazing company to be a part of.

I look forward to your comments or any special “Monet Moments” you may want to share with all of us, so feel free to write or friend us on facebook…and of course enjoy the book! 

Alice Vega - 2011


monet jewelry


The long anticipated book on the history of Monet costume jewelry, Monet…the Master Jewelers is now  available for ordering through Amazon.com.

In this the first and only book to date on this hugely successful and enduring company, all of the facts and “behind the scenes” stories are based on interviews with family members, friends and former employees as well as long lost interviews with the Chernow brothers themselves.

Filled with 600 photographs and lots of vintage newspaper and magazine advertisements this book is a real “must have” for anyone who loves vintage jewelry.



M & J

The founders of Monet, Michael and Joseph Chernow or M & J as they were affectionately called by family and friends as well as all of their employees.

Michael has been incorrectly cited on many websites as Monet’s designer, actually M worked with all of the designers and merchandised the line but he never actually did any of the designing himself.
In todays world he would probably be called the company’s creative director –
Jay was a business and marketing genius and ran all of the company’s
business operations up until his death in the mid 60s.

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Alice Vega is a freelance fashion and graphic designer living in New York City. As a member of Costume Jewelry Collectors International and the Society of Jewelry Historians she has combined her long standing interest in collecting vintage jewelry with her passion for history, preservation and the arts in this her first book.


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